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So, I have a small, secrets based Glee AU RP and our Kurt is currently super lonely without his Sebastian. So if any Kurtbastian shipping Sebastian players are interested, ‘like’ this post and I’ll hit you up. 

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So I text my sister last night and this just happened.

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when i go back to work tomorrow and my colleagues ask me what i did with my two weeks, i’m gonna tell them i got to 63 on flappy bird. 

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The main thing I feel is a sense of relief. That I can give up this game. That the question of whether I can succeed in this venture has been answered, even if that answer is a resounding no. That if desperate times call for desperate measures, I am free to act as desperately as I want.

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Nobody needs me.”

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This is the revolution and you are the Mockingjay.

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REALLY? i saw more notes on a fucken PENCIL picture.

this ^

Anyone who scrolls past this is lacking a soul.

This is my passion. 

Not judging you if you don’t reblog this, just loving you if you do <3

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I’ve been playing flappy bird for 5 minutes and now i need anger management 

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one day i will stop reblogging this gifset

today is not that day

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